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Johanna Lanner-Cusin

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After twelve years in independent schools—teaching, coaching, working in admissions, and chairing departments—Johanna Lanner-Cusin was appointed Dean of Faculty at College Prep in July 2021. Johanna is honored to serve such a curious, passionate, and committed faculty that she describes as “both funny and fun.” When she isn’t busy supporting or hiring teachers, Johanna still gets to teach two history seminars that are dear to her heart: American Gender History and 20th Century Black Culture and Society.

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College Prep

College Prep is a co-ed day school serving 360 students grades 9-12 in Oakland, CA. We believe in the foundational importance of scholarship, the value of dialogue, and the need for academically curious young people to belong to a kind, creative, diverse, and joyful community. We challenge our students to engage deeply in learning, appreciate one another, and grow into adults who are intellectually adventurous, ethically sure-footed, and generous of heart and spirit.

6100 Broadway, Oakland, CA, 94618