Requirements for Institutional Participation

  • An administrator or faculty of color directly involved in the hiring process
  • A willingness to forge connections with at least two local colleges or universities in order to complete on-campus interviews
  • An interest to work collaboratively with other administrators and share best practices in hiring to the larger community
  • A single annual subscription fee based on the size of the institution and the number of interviews completed


The hope is that many hands make light work. We will take back the opportunity to connect with newly minted graduates and employees looking for a change. We will explain the opportunities that independent schools offer and find the best fit for the employee so that they want to stay in the industry and can see themselves in those involved in the hiring process. The dream is that day and boarding schools might work together at campus hiring fair and explain the place of independent schools in education. All of this via a single annual cost that should be less than the typical price of one candidate placement or conference attendance.

The Cost


Annual Dues

Member schools will be asked to contribute $1500 per year for a faculty of up to 75 employees. The cost can be scaled up for larger schools, per 75 employees after the first year of membership. Annual dues allow you access to our database of resumes and job postings that link back to your institution's website.


Per Year

The designated administrator of color is expected to connect with a local college or university's career center and do an official onsite interview every year. Member schools participating in multiple onsite interviews will be discounted on the following years base rate. The goal is to create long term proximate relationships.


Per Employee Placement

Although the dream is collaboration across schools, the costs associated might be better understood to be cooperative. There is no cost in applying or hiring from the pipeline ever.


Per Job Posting

This website will house links to each of our member school websites and link directly with job descriptions provided. The dream is that the membership dues will cover the cost of securely housing candidate resumes and materials and basic postings.

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